Newborn Care Specialist & Postpartum Doula

"The doula's basic role is to provide nonintrusive, nonjudgmental support accoring to the family's needs and wishes. She is there to facilitate your time to settle in, relax, and heal, while assuring that the familiar daily underpinnings of your life and household remain anchored as much as possible... She is the peace-of-mind factor." -Mothering the New Mother


Overnight newborn care

Parents love overnight help. My role as an overnight newborn care specialist is to take care of your baby while you sleep, which allows you to get much needed rest, and establishes healthy sleep habits for your newborn.



The task of choosing what to register for, which diapers to buy, and what stroller to get is best done with someone who knows baby gear. We can get to know each other as we leisurely stroll through aisle of endless bottles.


Looking after your first born

Whether it's your spirited 2 year old, or your beloved family pet, I'm happy to look after your first born while you tend to your baby. As a dog lover (and owner), and someone with 15+ years childcare experience, I'm up for the job.


Newborn Care & Education

From baths, to swaddling, to sleep, I know babies. Daytime postpartum help leaves you feeling confident and refreshed, including both practical care for your little one, and expert instruction for parents.


Feeding Support

Bottle or breast, every new parent can use support when it comes to feeding. From choosing the right formula to getting a good latch, I can guide you through the process of feeding your little one.


Household Help

When confronted with the option of doing baby laundry and washing bottles, or taking a shower and getting something to eat, I want you to be able to choose the latter. I can even prepare your food while you shower.

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Prices range from $28-34/hr, varying based on the length of your contract.

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